Software Systems


We serve choice business interests from Micro-Sellers to Global Enterprise creating software systems, code systems, and integrations. There is nothing artificial about our intelligence- we are coding consciousness for the web and integrated systems.


Our intent and focus is to develop intelligent structures, and to code systems with the ability to take intelligent action. Our entire approach is A priori, aimed at creating Self-Teaching Application Resources (STAR™ Machines) using actual human philosophies and standards.

Distinctions in our Arena

Software Engineering is a creative science, a process oriented art form.

At Head Above Code, our methods stand in direct contrast to anything ordinary. We take action and deliver solutions from the top down. We refuse to let code limitations dictate circumstances.

Real opportunities are made before anyone says “cutting edge” and that edge is cut with these tools- true innovation requires hands-on control.

98% of the software, web applications and the infrastructure on the Net today has been driven by the Organic Method of code and design: where a problem is identified, a solution is created. It’s pointless for anyone to argue this model- it’s simple and productive and it’s very “business as usual.” And that’s fine if you can wait around for things to develop.

But we’re not waiting for the Organic Method to grow a solution. The commitment to our track was established over 35 years ago and the codebase we work from has been developing to produce software and systems that are still considered “revolutionary” after their 5th and 6th year.

These systems will help prove that your dream wasn’t so impossible after all.

Distinctions in your business model

Traditional models are established to create reasonable certainty for a gradual amount of success. It’s a numbers game.

If you don’t play the incremental game, the difference between making a buck and making a killing is that killer app, blowing it away and being poised to follow it up again.

There are a lot of words for it that end up being just words. Agility is theoretical until it is applied, and then we’ll see. Rapid Prototyping and scaling solutions – all theory until it starts to work, and if you’ve developed anything you know you don’t really know what you’ve got until it’s 90% complete.

Your products and services aren’t playing the game of incremental success, or one-upping the competition. You’re challenging the status quo- the only real limit here is the chaos factor- or perhaps the celebrity factor- the uncertainty of the human element.

Everything else is right on the spot. Your systems, your services- we have calibrated your software and handled the integrations so you’re poised to rein it in. We’re here to create the code and design intelligent, cooperative infrastructure and sub-systems for your business.

This is the bottom line

We already design for the future, and we can show you the migration track that concludes years ahead of time if you need. We put you back in charge of the timeline:

  • You get a direct line of command to the system components which are made to serve you.
  • You get intelligent responses, and relevant feedback.
  • You get a system which anticipates significant trends, and communicates proactively.
  • …and at the very minimum the system gives you intelligent questions instead of the same dumb answers.

“We’ve got Intelligence covered. We keep our head above code”