RetroScale™ for Small Business


Small Business of Commercial, Retail, Education, Training, E-commerce, Professionals and Agencies are some of the most demanding clients we produce for.

There is a problem facing every Small Business speaking of operations. There is increasing reliance on technology whether or not you are exclusively Online. The seemingly endless requirements and the high seas of options with these technical solutions only lead to more requirements and threaten to become unsustainable.

RetroScale™ is the answer we have developed for these demands, a coherent solution that addresses the common problem facing every business that isn’t Big Business.

To say there is one solution that solves a common problem for everyone- that’s a bold claim- but you won’t have to sit through an hour long webinar and sign up on multiple lists to hear the answer.

If you’re courageous enough to take 10 minutes right here to review Small Business prospects-

This is it

Your business and workflow are so incredibly specific that you might be tempted to believe the problem is the Market Niche, or Micro-niche that you’ve created.

Saying that in another way- is your organization too specialized to have custom software serving your business model? What about Automation? What about Online Marketing?

When you’ve built your core business and succeeded in serving your Market Niche, wouldn’t it be a little ironic if this fact alone stood in your way?

The answer is not exactly “yes” or “no.” It’s a little of both, perhaps.

It’s about Scale

What we suggest is that the problem is one of Scale, but not for the reason you might think:

  • If it requires such extraordinary effort to create effective software to begin with, thousands upon thousands of highly skilled labor hours and potentially Millions in expenses to get a single significant service up and running-
  • If the infrastructure you use (your Software and Systems, whether you outsource parts of your business model via 3rd Party SAAS or you run it in-house) hasn’t cost Millions and developed specially for you
  • If it needs to be done this way to effectively serve your specific business model, automate the parts it can, and integrate the customer experience seamlessly with your marketing model-

Then it remains true that to achieve your optimized workflow, to serve your business model, marketing model, sales and advertising model, it requires your system to be every bit as “custom” as it is with Big Business.

But the key difference is that nobody has tried to create your system; nobody has started making the system required to serve the intricate needs of your specific business model, nor can they due to the laws of economy of scale.

There are numerous solutions out there crying “We are Scalable!” and this is a really important feature in any system so that it can grow with you instead of becoming your glass ceiling. Scalable solutions are massively important.

But that is not the part of Scale we’re talking about.

The part we’re talking about is not HOW to scale. but WHAT to scale.

Ok, What to Scale?

This point might be difficult to take at first because the implications are a little shocking- but the good news here is that the concept is easy to understand.

Your business model is so highly diverse compared to others that it is phenomenally complex just to serve it in a basic fashion- let alone automate any one part of it. Really, it’s no wonder there aren’t adequate tools. This is true even before your marketing model and your Niche or Micro-niche is taken into account.

So you’ve done a great job as an Entrepreneur and more or less ensured your success by chunking down to the micro-est of the micro-niches? What we’re saying holds true even when you have just one single informational product delivered on a single web page online. Your model is still too diverse for any single software to serve it all.

Please trust our 25+ years developing software infrastructure telling you that this is one time you can take something for granted: no two businesses Are exactly alike- but even more importantly no 2 businesses Operate exactly alike- not even 2 franchises from the same outfit in the same city.

That part is not necessarily anyone’s fault. The problem is not the generalities which are quite the same among several businesses in any one given industry.

The problem is in the nitty-gritty details, and it always has been. There is a joy in this for some Small Business owners. It is this diversity which gives character to city streets and townships.

Imagine if this same experience applied to the software and systems you use supporting your operations, and your client’s experience with you?

What we’re talking about right now is about utilizing the same conceptual tools developed for Big Business, and leveraging those components for Small Business using the laws of economy of Scale- but this time turning Scale to your advantage- the Small Business advantage.

The reason this hasn’t been done exactly is that it can’t be done- exactly. You can’t just crunch down billion dollar production systems and make it cost less, or automatically scale down to fewer moving parts. It doesn’t work that way.

But we have created the answer- it requires equally specialized tools developed using a very specific philosophy, and it just so happens that this philosophy is not immediately commercially viable for the provider of this software. Perhaps now you understand why this has not been attempted so far.

[spoiler alert] …it has proven to be absolutely possible to build a single software that is flexible enough to create the infrastructure you require

Again- it requires extreme vision and a ton of technical skill to Retro-fit massive technology at a Scale appropriate for Small Business. It has taken a high degree of commitment to this vision to devote tens of thousands of hours to produce millions of dollars worth of infrastructure required to make this project work. Yet that’s exactly how we at Head Above Code started serving Small Business over 10 years ago.

We have intentionally devoted our time and resources to developing Software and Systems by building a codebase and a flexible system specially designed to allow powerful technologies to be Retro-fit and “snapped in” all under a single Integrative Architecture. This architecture is specially designed to permit each component to communicate cohesively, and to retain objectified awareness as a continuous feature while it grows. It is extensible, flexible, and able to generate rapid prototypes for a truly responsive experience in today’s quickly shifting marketplace.

This has been done to ensure sustainability, initial affordability, and an ease of administration that keeps auxiliary costs to a minimum including ongoing operations. The system is crafted with artisan’s pride with every byte of code and represents a Promethean effort spanning more than 8 years of development on the base system.

This is an Open Source solution and as well as a system that is individually tailored (with your involvement) to suit the exact model your business requires to remain viable in the ever-changing landscape on the Net.

We haven’t built a system that’s supposed to become the single solution for every business. We’ve invested over 8 years continuously developing and maintaining a flexible framework deploying millions of dollars in custom infrastructure that can be ported and custom fit to develop your organization – a system that offers every Small Business and Entrepreneur the opportunity to take ownership of their technological future, to build custom infrastructure affordably and maintain it all in a truly sustainable manner.

It is literally impossible to create a single software that serves everyone- particularly when it comes to automating the custom aspects of your specific business model, and your specific marketing model as we have mentioned.

Yet it has proven to be absolutely possible to build a single software that is flexible enough to create the infrastructure you require, offering choice tools to conduct your operations without compromise; and to provide tools empowering (non-technical) business leaders to become the most effective force by numbers on this planet.

That power is real and is it now becoming Open Source.

This is one ride you won’t want to miss. It’s a 6-year-mature software system (released for private commercial license Jan. 2012) that has already had the bugs ironed out, so getting involved is like stepping into a dream.

Begin taking ownership of your economic future and start building with RetroScale™ today.

Leverage the power of Big Business with a Small Business cost footprint. RetroScale™

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